Christoph Ruys

Life is an empty void without your spiky face, 2004 (installation, detail)

Since the mid-1990s, Christoph Ruys pulls at the threads of the constant rerouting of visual culture, the relationships we’ve adopted with images and the profound changes in their social, functional and emotional values.

Through a variety of media, including photography, scenarios, essays, performances, drawings, video and installations, Christoph Ruys explores specific themes like violence, tradition, coded communities, linguistic inability or the role of the photographic as a bond between self-image and reality.

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Zinnebeeld/Emblem, 1995

STORM, 2019

Collection of Mathematical Questions,

The lack of dialogue is deliberate, 2018

When I Was a Photographer.
Performance based upon the
memoires of nineteenth-century
photographer (and writer,
actor, caricaturist, inventor and
balloonist) Félix Nadar, 2017

New Dark Swing
private house, in-situ project

How can I understand satellite imagery
for a specific desert coordinate?

The Monologuer, scenario written for
theatrical performance about the
photographic collection of EG.

I love my city,
Firegirl, NYC,

Unused scenography imagination
for amateur dramatics,
1997 - 2006

The Verdict,
1996 - 1999

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in situ projects, other collaborations or limited editions.

A selection of Christoph Ruys’ curatorial projects.